ENT surgeon and specialist

Dr. Alireza Ghodsizad, surgeon and ENT specialist, has nearly twenty years of experience in his field.

He has an office in Tehran, Gisha neighborhood (Nasr alley) and has had many rhinoplasties for about two decades for many beauticians from all over the country.

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دکتر قدسی زاد علیرضا
دکتر علیرضا قدسی زاد جراح زیبایی بینی

Dr. Alireza Ghodsizad

Dr. Alireza Ghodsizad, an ear, nose and throat specialist, says:

Tips such as the difference between men and women, combining with other parts of the face such as eyes, ears, lips, chin and so on. Or even the previous type of nose, including bony, cartilaginous and fleshy, for successful rhinoplasty should be considered.